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《控制与决策》英文季刊(《Journal of Control and Decision》)创刊于2014年,是东北大学主办,与著名出版商Taylor & Francis Group合作出版的国际学术类英文期刊。






Performance bounds for Nash equilibria in submodular utility systems with user groups

Yajing Liu, Edwin K. P. Chong & Ali Pezeshki


Integrated control of highway traffic flow

Yihang Zhang and Petros A. Ioannou


A rewriting system for convex optimization problems

Akshay Agrawal, Robin Verschueren, Steven Diamond & Stephen Boyd


Challenges and solutions in automotive powertrain systems

Tielong Shen, Mingxin Kang, Jinwu Gao, Jiangyan Zhang & Yuhu Wu


Review and recent development of internal model design

Zhiyong Chen


Optimisation-based control for electrified vehicles: challenges and opportunities

Jing Sun


Robust model predictive control: reflections and opportunities

Graham C. Goodwin, He Kong, Galina Mirzaeva & María M. Seron


Approximate finite-horizon optimal control for input-affine nonlinear systems with input constraints

G. Scarciotti & A. Astolfi


Global stabilisation for a class of uncertain non-linear systems: a novel non-recursive design framework

Chuanlin Zhang, Jun Yang & Changyun Wen


Continuous-time proportional-integral distributed optimisation for networked systems

Greg Droge, Hiroaki Kawashima & Magnus B. Egerstedt